Owner: David Anspach and Laura Anspach (Linton)

Dave and Laura Anspach purchased the farmhouse property from the family partnership. Laura is A. Patrick Linton’s daughter.

The farm has stayed in the family for eight generations and counting.  Christian Kemp was Laura’s great-grandfather’s cousins’ great-great-great-grandfather.




Owner: JL Family Partnership

Jack and Betty Linton transferred ownership to an incorporated family partnership that also included all their children: Jay T., A. Patrick, and Ron C. Linton.  (This picture was taken well before that, but we couldn’t resist the 70s charm.)

Owner: Jack Linton and Betty Linton (Thomas)

Russell and Bertha Thomas conveyed the farm to their daughter Betty and her husband Jack T Linton.  As the story goes, Grandpap Russell had reached retirement age, and no longer wished to deal with managing the farm.  Russell was working out a deal to sell the property to the current lessee for $50,000.  His son-in-law, Grandpap Jack, decided to match the offer and keep the farm in the family.

Owner: Russell and Bertha Thomas

Russell Thomas received the farm from his father J. Franklin for $10 consideration. According to the 1920 census. Russell Thomas was 34 and a widow living there with three daughters, two sons and an aunt. Records continue to show he still owned the farm in 1930 and lived there with his second wife Bertha. The value of their home was listed as $16,000.

Owner: William B. Johnson and Julia Etta Thomas

Property tax assessment records lists William B Johnson and Julia Etta Johnson who owned 150 acres from 1900-1910 Land was assessed at $5500 and improvements $1000.  Julia was the cousin of the prior owners.  It is suspected that William and Julia were already living on the farmstead, likely in the section of the current farmhouse constructed c. 1790, and worked with the family on to unify the home in 1890, fully owning the property by the turn of the century.