Owner: David Anspach and Laura Anspach (Linton)

Dave and Laura Anspach purchased the farmhouse property from the family partnership. Laura is A. Patrick Linton’s daughter.

The farm has stayed in the family for eight generations and counting.  Christian Kemp was Laura’s great-grandfather’s cousins’ great-great-great-grandfather.




Property Pics From Fall 2014

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Aside from mowing the lawn, the property had received minimal attention in decades.  So much beauty, but also, so much work to be done.

Initial Interest

Laura dreamed of restoring the farmhouse since her youth.  Not long after graduating from college and settling down in the area, Dave and Laura first expressed formal interest to Grandpap Jack and Grandma Betty in eventually buying the property and fixing up the farmhouse that was sitting mostly abandoned for over 15 years.  However, Jack wasn’t ready to sell.  Maintaining the grounds (“putzing around the farm”) would remain one of Jack’s favorite pastimes for the remainder of his years.

Owner: Jack Linton and Betty Linton (Thomas)

Russell and Bertha Thomas conveyed the farm to their daughter Betty and her husband Jack T Linton.  As the story goes, Grandpap Russell had reached retirement age, and no longer wished to deal with managing the farm.  Russell was working out a deal to sell the property to the current lessee for $50,000.  His son-in-law, Grandpap Jack, decided to match the offer and keep the farm in the family.