Owner: Christian Thomas & Mary Elizabeth Thomas (Kemp)

Mary Elizabeth Kemp was Walter Kemp’s daughter. When Walter passed, the farm was sold to Mary and her husband, Christian Thomas, for $25,184.25. (Frederick County Land Records DSB 1:156.)


Construction: Phase III – Springhouse

“A third period of construction, dating from ca. 1840, extended the ca. 1790 building to the southwest and covered the course of the spring.” (Davis, J. (1993). Maryland Historic Trust Inventory of Historic Properties F-1-179.)

Owner: Walter Baker Kemp, Harriet Kemp

Walter Baker Kemp was the son of the prior owner, Christian Kemp. Walter received the property through the 1840 Will, The will also bequeaths to Christian’s wife Harriet “the use, occupation, and possession of the three rooms at the east end of the house I built and live in, and the kitchen and dairy underneath and half of the garden.” (Frederick County Wills GME 2:427)

Construction: Phase II – Northeast

The next phase of the farmhouse was built c. 1790 as a separate structure, about 20 feet north of the original structure, on the other side of the spring and stream. Based on records of will, it was occupied by Kemp’s growing family, notably his son Ludwick and Ludwick’s son Christian.
It is now the far northeast portion of the house.